Alumnus of the Year: James Mason G’83, ’87

james-mason-alumnus-of-the-year-1Every year we have the distinct pleasure of honoring one of our St. Francis School graduates. We are truly fortunate to have such an amazing pool of Wyverns to choose from who continually support the school and our Mission, while also demonstrating the qualities of a St. Francis graduate years after they leave our halls. This year, we honor James Mason from the Goshen Class of 1983 and the High School class of 1987 as the 2015-16 Alumnus of the Year. 

James has been an integral member of the St. Francis community from the get-go, beginning with his time as captain of three different varsity sports and as a member of the School Committee. Following his long tenure at St. Francis, James went on to Davidson College, graduating in 1991 with a degree in economics, with a specialty in the history of economics and economic theory. He started two businesses – a real estate redevelopment company and a real estate management company – in his first two years after graduation. For nearly 20 years, he has served on the Board of Directors of Magnolia Bank and currently is Chairman of the Bank. He is also on the Board of Directors of Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company, and currently owns a number of insurance and real estate companies.

james-mason-1While by now, James is obviously very comfortable in a boardroom, he also serves as president of his local competitive soccer program in Elizabethtown. And a little known fact is that just after graduating from college, James served as an assistant soccer coach here at St. Francis, where his love for soccer began. Most importantly to us, selfishly, James has served on the St. Francis Board of Trustees and the finance committee since 2009. Here, he has proven yet again to be an integral member of the Wyvern community. James was part of the High School Board prior to merger, and helped smooth the transition to a merged St. Francis, with his roots on both campuses. His financial expertise has also been instrumental in helping us achieve balanced budgets and in secure the financing we needed to build the Gym in Goshen and, just this past May, to close on the additional space in our 233 W. Broadway Building for the High School expansion. James truly represents the ideal alumnus, without whom St. Francis would not be what it is today.