Quick Facts

The Basics:

St. Francis School, Downtown Campus is a non-denominational, coeducational, Independent, college-preparatory high school, founded in 1976 as St. Francis High School.  We merged with the Goshen and Preschool Campuses in July 2012 to form the Preschool – 12th grade St. Francis School.
  • Enrollment: approximately 150 students in grades 9 through 12.
  • Average class size is 11. Student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1
  • 39% of our full-time teaching faculty hold doctorate degrees. Faculty members are passionate about their subjects, devoted to teenagers, accessible, and caring.
  • We are located (as we have been since our founding) in downtown Louisville on the corner of 3rd and Broadway (entrance on 3rd Street).


  • Our progressive teaching philosophy ensures that students are engaged in the learning process; students are both intellectually challenged and nurtured by outstanding faculty.
  • AP classes
    • We offer 14 AP classes, an experienced college counselor, and an outstanding academic curriculum.
    • In the 2012-13 school year 42 students took a total of 107 exams.
    • 66% of our senior class and 46% of our junior class took at least one exam.
    • As a school, our average on the exams was 3.3.
    • 70% of the exams taken scored 3 or higher.
    • All students taking it scored 3 or higher on the Physics B, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Spanish Literature and Spanish Language exams.
  • In the last ten years, sixteen students have been named National Merit Finalists, sixteen have been Commended Students, and two have been National Achievement Scholars, for a 10 year average of 10% of our students receiving National Merit recognition.
  • Recent graduates attend some of the most respected colleges in the country; 38 grads in class of 2013 received $4.2 million and are enrolled at Harvard, Columbia, Mount Holyoke, Middlebury, University of Pennsylvania, and many other schools.  SFS alums are currently enrolled at Yale, Brown, Harvard, University of Chicago, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Vassar, Georgetown, and many other schools. See the College Advising page of this web site for full details on our recent graduates’ college acceptances.

School Life:

  • We offer eleven varsity sports and the opportunity for students to excel in multiple sports. We have a no-cut policy, so all students are invited to participate and play.

  • We are committed to diversity of all kinds — religious, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic. In 2012, 40% of our students were minority or foreign born (the national average of minority enrollment among Independent Schools is 22%).

  • We have a generous financial aid program. Currently, more than 40% of students receive need-based financial aid (the national average of students receiving financial aid among Independent Schools is 17%).

  • Our school community is welcoming, warm, and supportive of students. Here, everyone finds their place.

  • Students are given unique privileges with matching responsibilities in order to est prepare them for the challenges of college and life.


Contact Trisha Amirault via email or by phone 502-736-1009 to arrange a parent tour or a student shadow day.  Click here for more Admissions information.