Student Government

Student voice is an essential aspect of progressive education, and while this exists in numerous informal ways throughout St. Francis School, it is codified by student government in grades 2nd – 12th.

Second, 3rd and 4th graders are elected as representatives of their classes and form the Lower School Student Council.  They meet weekly to discuss student concerns and run the weekly Lower School Morning Meeting.  In Middle School, 5th through 7th graders are elected as representatives of their advisee groups at the start of the year, while 8th graders are elected by their classmates and the faculty the previous spring preceding their 8th grade year. The Middle School Student Council meets weekly, runs the Middle School Morning Meeting three times a week, and has specific jobs they carry out throughout the year. They also make plans for school dances, and brainstorm ways to raise money for their annual Class Gift (including planning for and hosting an annual benefit car wash) which they present at the Goshen Graduation Ceremony.  Ninth through 12th graders are elected as class representatives and form the School Committee, which has an annual start-of-school retreat followed by bimonthly meetings with the Head of School and Head of Campus at which reps plan events and weigh in on school policies.  Class reps also lead fundraising for their grades each year, with proceeds going toward prom in their senior year.