Black Student Association


Welcome to the Black Student Association at St. Francis!

My name is Allyson Majors and I’m the BSA’s founder and president. I’m a local spoken word artist, musician, and entrepreneur.  I come from a long line of Civil Rights activists, blessed with a spirit to seek justice and kindness in this world.  Let me tell you about our organization.

First, our mission statement:

The Black Student Association, hereafter referred to as the BSA, promotes the advocacy and empowerment of black students: people of African descent and those who are a part of the African Diaspora. The BSA is dedicated to engaging in cultural education, addressing the perspectives of marginalized populations, and instilling pride in the black community at St. Francis School.  The BSA provides an atmosphere in which all St. Francis students, faculty, and staff are invited to express ideas and engage in critical dialogue to effectively address issues impacting the black community at St. Francis, in Louisville, throughout the nation, and in the world.

In our weekly lunch meetings on Thursdays, we discuss topics and issues that range from promoting a positive self-image to historically black colleges to white privilege to the cultural impact of colonialism on the Somali people.  In our inaugural year, we sent a delegation to participate in the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Frankfort, commemorating Martin Luther King’s momentous actions at the height of the Civil Rights Era.

As we look to the coming year, we will be participating in a diversity open house at the school, advancing our mission as Kentucky’s most diverse independent school.  We are also planning a fashion, hair, and drag pageant, The Fashionista Parade, for the Spring in support of our school’s unique Gender Week celebration.

All are welcome at the Black Student Association, so come join us some Thursday for lunch and a thoughtful conversation.