World Language

It is the mission of the World Languages Department at St. Francis High School to prepare students for college and life by giving them the tools to effectively communicate orally and in writing with people of diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.


When you enter the language classroom, you’ll hear students conversing in Chinese, French or Spanish with each other and the teacher. These conversations frequently continue into the hallways between classes, creating a positive global atmosphere in the school.

Beginning with introductory-level classes, students are encouraged to use their language skills. We want students to become comfortable with speaking and writing in a second (or even a third) language. The best way to develop these skills is to speak and write a language daily. Language classes are anything but boring. Teachers use a variety of participatory, hands-on activities to motivate students so they can focus on communication.

The World Languages Department offers beginning, intermediate and AP courses in
Chinese, French and Spanish, allowing interested and capable students to pursue a more in-depth study of the literature and culture of their chosen language(s). Students also have the opportunity to travel abroad with their language teachers.
Most recently, students have AngelaKatzClass_2014 traveled to Peru, Switzerland, France and China. These trips allow students to become totally immersed in the language and culture and to experience daily life in another country first-hand. We also invite students to participate in the regional and state Foreign Language Festival each year. Our students frequently distinguish themselves in a variety of academic and artistic foreign language events.

Chinese I     Chinese II syllabus     Chinese III     AP Chinese     Chinese IV
AP French Language and Culture description     French II     French III     French IV

St. Francis High School students are required to complete two consecutive years of the
same language in order to graduate. Our graduates who complete four years of language study with us often report themselves extremely well prepared for college-level language courses.








St Francis School’s Team Vern participated in Louisville’s first Dragon Boat Festival and Race on Saturday, September 13th at Waterfront Park. 19 boats with teams from around the city and region competed on a 300-meter course. Despite the cool weather and choppy river, we had a wonderful time. Team Vern, bettering its own time in each of the three heats, came in second in our division, beating out five other boats. The crew was made up of students, teachers, staff, parents and friends. Crew members were Jack Baize, Carolyn Siegenthaler, Grace Jones, Michelle Jones, Justin Strothman, Nina Erbes, Sarah Clark, Scott Morrison, Ann Healy, Ann Schultz, Kit Llewellyn, David Word, Erin Staley, Jason Chlopek, Juan Ramirez, Bobby Steurer, Yongtao Xiao, Chrys and Doug Strothman, Philip Rosenbloom, and captain Bob Jones. Thanks to all for your hard rowing!

2014 Dragon Boat Race 41