“The Lives They Lived”

The Lives They LivedBy Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Congratulations to Alexis Nelson ‘18, our 5th 1,000-point scorer in Wyvern basketball history! We had three until this year, when both Alexis and James Risley ‘17 accomplished this feat.

A longstanding St. Francis tradition every January is called “The Lives They Lived.” Named for The New York Times Magazine feature by the same name, our “The Lives They Lived” profiles interesting (and sometimes famous) people who died in 2016, with the goal of exposing our students to stories about people who lived truly interesting lives – by various definitions. Faculty and staff take turns reading pieces in Morning Meeting. Our lineup this year includes Prince, Antonin Scalia, Sharon Jones, Edward Albee, Ruth Hubbard, Fidel Castro, Vera Rubin, Tyrus Wong, Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro, Gwen Ifill, Bill Cunningham, and more.  

Third-quarter Projects are underway, and the offerings are, as usual, quite interesting, including Dystopian Films, Pinterest Fails, 30 for 30, Baking and Cooking, Turkish Tea, KUNA, Science Olympiad, ULS, Jazz Ensemble, American Sign Language, AP World History, Simple Games (which are anything but), and Diversity Committee. This last offering is something of a trial run, as it is a student-directed Project. Under the auspices of Terri White and Angela Katz, interested students will be determining how they want to spend their time each Thursday afternoon during the Project period and, among other activities, will plan the upcoming school-wide Diversity Week. Over the past few months, students have expressed interest in being able to suggest and run Projects, and as a Progressive school, we thought it was a truly mission-appropriate idea.