The Gift of a Spring Preview

Gift of Spring PreviewBy Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

This week we have enjoyed the gift of a spring preview. The Preschoolers have enjoyed many opportunities for outdoor play on the playground, a visit to the garden, and a community Big Sing.

Did you know?
There is an important space in each of our classrooms dedicated to the discovery and interactions with nature. These spaces are often referred to as our science centers. They may contain items that children have found outside, such as rocks, seed pods, sticks, pinecones, acorns, evergreen needles, leaves, and occasionally a birds’ nest. Sometimes, items such as seashells, fossils, cocoons, or flowers are brought from elsewhere. These spaces are also the place where tools for investigations are located. We use magnifying glasses, magnets, tweezers, eyedroppers, tornado tubes, scoops, funnels, plastic tubing, or color wheels, among others! Our teachers sometimes add tubs of water, sand, ice, or snow to aid in the children’s exploration. Often, children can be found working together with these materials, and we ask them questions to enhance their collaborations and practice new vocabulary words. As with all of our classroom centers, our curious preschoolers surprise and delight us with their questions, comments, and creative ideas.  

Preschool summer camp dates and information are now on our School’s website. Our one-week sessions feature a summer full of outdoor activity, imaginative learning, and creative fun! Camp sessions fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today!