Diversity Week is Coming!

Chipoetry_6By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of the Downtown Campus

Next week brings Diversity Week to the Downtown Campus!  Themed weeks are a tradition at the High School, helped along by our Flex times that allow us to schedule special programming with minimal class interruption.  Our inaugural Compassion Week is coming up in March and our annual Gender Week on the docket for April.  Diversity Week focuses on racial/ethnic/cultural diversity, and will include a “Diversity Fair” on Tuesday, a film screening sponsored by the Black Students Association on Wednesday, a tango exhibition (featuring our own Senora Angela Katz) on Thursday, and the annual Diversity Potluck on Friday.  (Talk with your student about what s/he would like to bring!)    Many thanks to Terri White and the Diversity Committee for planning the week’s events!

Speaking of Compassion Week, we took the first steps toward that event this week.  A number of juniors and seniors are going to Living Compassion seminars to learn more about how to truly demonstrate compassion in their lives.  These students will then learn to facilitate the exercises they go through during the seminar, and finally, during Compassion Week, lead those activities for the rest of the student body.  I accompanied four students to a seminar today and we all came away with some new perspectives.  I’ll share more information about the week’s events as we get closer to it in March.