Avenue Q Performances Incredible!

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of Downtown CampusAvenue Q

I hope many of you got to see Avenue Q: School Edition last weekend – it was absolutely marvelous!  Many of the other faculty and staff and I were blown away by the students’ incredible work (under the direction of Rachael Dobring and Bob Bertke, with a major hand from Juan Ramirez, primary puppet-maker, and Melanie Pugh and Lindsy Serrano).  

At our Parent Association meeting this week, a question was raised about how students are using the Reading Room, which of course was furnished in part thanks to a PA grant.  The English Department remains thrilled with the space, taking their classes weekly to spend time reading there.  In a world of screens, time spent just focusing on literature seems to be ever shrinking, and we are so grateful to have this wonderful space with book selections carefully curated by our English faculty.

The Women’s Retreat begins today (overnight, into tomorrow) and the female faculty/staff and I are looking forward to sharing food and discussion with 30 or so of the SFS teenage women.  We are on our 14th annual event and it is always a really wonderful time.