Inaugural Diversity Week Brings Lots of Activity

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of the Downtown CampusDiversity_4

Diversity Week has been an enormous success! (See pictures.)  Tuesday was our inaugural diversity fair – students got henna tattoos, took a Black History quiz, admired festive clothing for Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations in Mexico, and more.  Wednesday brought the screening of Fruitvale Station, a 2013 award-winning film based on a true story, and a discussion afterward  On Thursday, Angela Katz and her dance partner demonstrated the tango, much to the delight of the students!  And Friday wrapped things up with the annual Diversity Potluck, with students bringing delicious dishes to share.  Many thanks to all the students and faculty who helped organize various events, and especially to Terri White for coordinating the entire week.  

Last weekend, we bade farewell to our delegation of Chinese students and a teacher, who visited for a week under the auspices of the Ameson Foundation.  They thoroughly enjoyed their stay, both at school and with their host families, and it was a wonderful experience for the SFS community as well.  Many thanks to our students and parents who embraced the Chinese visitors and went out of their way to provide an enjoyable week:   the Edwards, Miller-Risley, Baize, Jones, Crawford, Brito, Ebel, Davenport and McLaughlin families. And a huge thank-you to Chinese teacher Bob Jones for all his work orchestrating the visit!