A Wild Week and Some Wonderful Wins

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of the Downtown CampusIMG_0638

It’s been a wild winter week – but we are plowing through! (No pun intended.)  First, some kudos:  Our varsity Quick Recall team just wrapped up its second straight undefeated season – 21-0 in the last two years (and 30-1 in the last three) with its third straight league tournament championship.  More details are in the School Notes section.  Also, congratulations to the boys’ basketball team for its All-A Tournament win over Whitefield on Monday (a first in High School history).  

Snapshots from the week:  Just now, as I was writing, I heard Benjamin Studevent-Hickman across the hall asking his 9th grade Physics students a question and one enthusiastic response, “Because, Bernoulli’s principle!!!”  Every day we’ve been here this week (all two of them), the most pressing question on the minds of the teenagers has been “Are we having school tomorrow?”  It is truly amazing how much thought and care they put into whether it will be safe for them to be out in winter weather; I think I will remind them to put this level of thought and care into other aspects of their daily lives!  Our series on The Lives They Lived continues in Morning Meeting; this week’s offerings were Mary Keefe Doyle (Norman Rockwell’s model for his painting of Rosie the Riveter) and John Nash (Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who suffered from schizophrenia and is the subject of the book-turned-movie A Beautiful Mind).  

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying (or at least tolerating) the snow!