Special Events on the Goshen Campus

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus8th Grade Class Day_1

With less than one week to go we are in “battle stations” as we just finished our 8th Grade Class Day and are getting ready for 8th Grade Graduation, Blue/Red Field Day, the Final Assembly, and a myriad of other special events on the Goshen Campus! The beginning and end of the year are both especially hectic times, but I have a hunch I know which one the kids like more! (In all honesty, I bet you’d be surprised!).  

In just the past week, we’ve had several fun-filled and memorable events occur. Our 7th and 8th graders had a ball at their Formal Dance (the “Luau Dance”) at Gingerwoods last Friday night  (and a BIG shout out to Hope and Morton Boyd for graciously hosting us yet again). Our limbo contest winners were Nicolette Bert, JT Montgomery, Katie Mushkin, and Pepper Hilton, and our Prince and Princess were Ayda Marshall and Robert Boyd. The Queen and King of the swank affair were Teagan Morrison and Caleb Hennessy. Big thanks to all the parents who helped with decorations, and especially Denise and Rick Waggener, Liz Foye, Amy Richards, Kim Schwartz, Renee Hennessy, Robin Hilton, Tammy Nofsinger, Denise Ragland, Kim Diamond, and Michele Koch. And our 7th grade students and parents did a marvelous job cleaning up. That was followed by the 8th grade lock-in back on campus, which went off without a hitch. Thanks to brave souls Michael Mahoney, Julie and Jeff Mushkin, and Kelli Carter for taking that one on for us!

We also had a very successful Picnic + Playtime event on our Preschool playground Monday! It was a gorgeous day and we had a larger than expected turnout. While the parents mingled, the kids ran and explored our natural playground while also munching on apples and cheese sticks. We’re always trying to get more families on campus to see all we have to offer, so kudos to our Admissions team and Renee Hennessy for hosting such a wonderful (and fun!) event.

Tuesday brought us a Service Dinner hosted by the Class of 2017 to raise funds to help a little girl in Nicaragua attend a private school. Many of our 8th graders met her on their Hand in Hand Ministry trip over winter break and wanted to continue to help in even greater ways. They organized this dinner with their 8th grade advisors, and special thanks to parent Dawn Bastian for cooking such a delectable meal for everyone! That was followed by the always-entertaining Middle School Talent Show! It was another tour de force, highlighted by Elijah Foye’s Irish dancing skills, which are simply jaw-dropping, and then the mysterious magic act of Jamie the Great and sidekick Hayden Jones! They blew the crowd away, and more importantly, the 8th grade raised over $500 for their Class Gift, which will be announced soon!

With less than week to go, we have many more events to go, and I’m sure all will be special. I can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly. The cycle seems to get quicker every year (maybe that’s just my age!), but it has been a fantastic year in so many ways on the Goshen Campus. And we will start working on next year as soon as this year ends! Thanks for all your support, your belief in our Mission, and for entrusting us with your children. Tell your friends and acquaintances about us, and have the best of summers! We’ll see you before you know it!