Exploring Nature Together

PS Garden Art_Main ImageBy Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

This week, the preschoolers spent time with Garden Coordinator Christine Brinkmann preparing the planter barrels for lettuce seeds. Each group used their hands to move the soil, add seeds, and water. One child excitedly exclaimed, “Now the seeds need sparkling water to grow!” This knowledge of the growth process was shared by many of the children who participated. Our little Wyverns also had an opportunity to make SAGE pasta with ingredients right from our garden, and then they got to sample their culinary creations! The children aren’t just learning about seeds and their growth process; we also are supporting their sense of wonder and curiosity, and they are learning to respect nature.

Here are a few ways families can explore nature together: look for wildflowers and insects at parks or in your own backyard, adopt a tree and watch the changes that unfold throughout the year (take pictures of the tree with your phone and revisit them as the seasons change), and revisit your own sense of wonder about nature. Your child will likely follow!