Renovation Plans Revealed to Students

Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

On Monday at our monthly School Committee meeting, we shared with the class representatives and all interested students the plans for our renovation of the new space we will acquire this summer on the Broadway side of the building. They were thrilled about the new Commons Room and the expansion of the science labs, in particular. Stay tuned for more information as the spring progresses.

We are into the fourth quarter, which means the final series of Projects on Thursday afternoons. This has been a new addition to the Downtown Campus this year, and all reports indicate that faculty and students alike enjoy the hour immensely. This quarter’s offerings include Yoga, Music, Cooking Around the World, Harlem Renaissance, and more – including the one Terri White and I are spearheading, “House of Cards” – a title that pays homage to the Netflix series but actually is about card-playing. In our two sessions thus far, the students have learned Euchre (a college favorite of both Terri’s and mine), and it has been a joy to watch students play. Not only is a strategic, brain-requiring card game; they also are laughing, talking, and interacting with each other without a screen in sight. Love it.

Our annual Cultural Day is Monday. This is an annual tradition during which each grade level takes a series of field trips together centered around a particular theme. It’s a wonderful opportunity to use the city as our campus; we walk everywhere. The 9th grade focuses on media (learning about the First Amendment, visiting a TV station, etc.), the 10th grade does the arts (Louisville Ballet, 21C, and more), the 11th grade looks at justice/the legal system (federal courthouse, Kentucky Commission on Human Rights), and the 12th grade works on transitioning to college/adult life (e.g. learning some basic car maintenance, including how to change a tire; discussing life on college campuses; self-defense). Class advisors have planned the day for each grade, and we’re looking forward to it!

No newsletter next week, as Friday begins Spring Break. I’ll be in China with our group of students and parents, and am definitely excited about that adventure. Whether you will be here or away, I wish you beautiful weather and a respite of some kind!