Preschool Excited for Halloween!

By Renee Hennessy, Director of Preschool PSHalloween_6

We have had a lot of excitement in the Preschool this week in anticipation of the Halloween parade and parties.  All of our classes had a great time parading in costume with parents, grandparents, and special friends watching.  After the parade, the children enjoyed special snacks and fun parties in their classrooms.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped with the parade and parties or who came to be our spectators!  

Did you know?
In each of our Preschool classrooms, we have dedicated centers for dramatic play.  They may contain dolls, baby furniture, items for pet care, dress-up clothes, pretend cash registers, or other materials that invite children to use their imaginations and pretend.  Supporting this type of play gives our Preschoolers an opportunity to “pretend” the different roles they see each day.  In the classroom, our teachers may observe children working through concerns or conflicts by role-playing.  It’s through these play experiences that children work through conflicts with their classmates and practice skills such as planning and problem solving.  You can support imaginative play at home by providing props for your child’s recent interests.        

Congratulations to Rosalind’s family on the arrival of their baby boy, Jakob.  We also want to send our best to Emmerson’s family who welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday.