Old Man Winter

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

It’s all about Old Man Winter in the Preschool! We are turning our attention to winter activities in the coming weeks and each class will be celebrating the season in their own special way. For the Pandas, we brought the snow indoors and introduced a winter sensory bin, adding polar bears, spoons, cups, and more! They will also create ice paint using salt, paint ice cubes, and learn how to use a fork and white paint to create snowflakes. For the Adventurers, we were in the business of making snowmen. We also played with acetic animals on ice, watercolor painted on snow, and used colored water in eye droppers to melt the snow. The Trailblazers are studying animals that thrive in the winter and worked on making a snow storm in a jar as an experiment. These are just a few samples of the fun and creative things we have planned for the month of January.