Middle School Basketball Spirit Night, FCD, and Governor’s Cup!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

It was an action-packed Middle School Morning Meeting on Monday! We hyped up our Middle School Basketball Spirit Night held Monday night, which was rescheduled from our recent snow days. I attended the games (in an embarrassing white ensemble reminiscent of John Travolta) and was certainly impressed by the spirit and hustle of our 7th and 8th grade players and the obvious great coaching they’ve received from coaches Shavar Cowherd and Kara Spalding. But I was most impacted by the touching ceremony to honor all of our 8th grade players in between games. The pride evident on every player’s face, along with their parents’, was a real goosebump moment. I’m so glad our players got to finish this season in their home gym (and with victories to boot!).

Director of Counseling Services Julie Marks also introduced this year’s Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) educator John Tummon to the kids during Morning Meeting. One of the things he said that struck a chord was that peer pressure, usually thought to be a negative, should actually be considered a positive thing instead. Children need to adjust their thinking to how they can support each other through positive peer pressure rather than succumbing to the power of negativity. FCD uses an evidence-based social norms approach to help promote healthy student behavior and attitudes, to correct false beliefs, and to decrease the number of students who use alcohol and other drugs. John shared with the students the reality that many students at most schools around the world do not regularly use alcohol or other substances. John also shared the latest brain science to help our students understand that the teenage brain is more vulnerable to addiction and delaying the use of drugs and alcohol is crucial to proper brain development. I’m sure our kids received valuable life lessons and strategies from our FCD association this week, and thanks to Julie for setting it up as she does every year.

Finally, we celebrated our 7th/8th grade Governor’s Cup team, who competed at the district level last Saturday. A BIG thanks goes to coach Lindsy Serrano and assistant coach Nate Hilberg for their dedication to coaching them during recesses and lunches and providing inspiration and leadership to our motivated kids! Here is more from Lindsy on their accomplishments:

The Middle School Governor’s Cup district competition took place last week at St. Aloysius School. Competition started on Thursday with the Written Composition portion. The rest of the team met early Saturday morning to take written subject-area tests and compete in the Quick Recall tournament. St. Francis School placed 4th in the Quick Recall competition and placed 3rd overall! We also won the Sportsmanship award. All of the students who placed 1st – 5th in the written assessments and composition portion have qualified to participate in the Regional competition. Those students are:

Composition – Jane McLeroy (5th place)

Arts and Humanities – Lily Gilbert (1st place), Amelia Gorman (3rd place)

Language Arts – Amelia Gorman (4th place)

Social Studies – Ayda Marshall (2nd place), Jack Rutherford (4th place)

Congratulations to all the students who participated, and a big thank you to their parents for supporting the event, along with Anne Holmes, Andrew Frechette, and Misty Chanda for helping with Governor’s Cup competition this year!