Living History Museum

Living History Museum_22By Sarah Dewberry, Language Arts/Social Studies – Goshen Campus

As many of you know, Reed is away this week after running the Tokyo Marathon with his daughter last Sunday. This completed the Six Marathon Majors for him and he has been sending us photos of this travels (which can be found in this week’s photo gallery). Lower School language arts teacher Sarah Dewberry is filling in as “guest columnist,” sharing information on the 4th grade Living History Museum.

Colonial America was alive and well in the Lower School on Tuesday when the 4th graders presented the annual Living History Museum. As the culmination of a month’s study of Colonial America and the people of that period who made their mark on history, each 4th grader read, researched, and wrote about someone living in the colonies during that time. They created a visual project to display their knowledge and presented the Living History Museum to their parents and the student body.

As they perused the exhibits, visitors to the museum had the chance to talk with Alexander and Eliza Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and Pocahontas, among others! They may have dominated – or been stumped by – a variety of trivia games. Perhaps they heard the story of Mary Ludwig and how she got her nickname of Molly Pitcher. Visitors took in the plentiful information found on a variety of display boards, admired sculptures and scenes created by the students, or found themselves in a tour of a virtual Minecraft creation. Creativity abounds in 4th grade!