I Am So Grateful for Our Students

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Thanks so much to all the parents who came to the Taste of St. Francis (it was tasty, indeed) and supported the seniors as they raised money for their class gift and the all-school prom!

As I look to the Thanksgiving holiday next week, I want to share with you myHSReadingroom_2 feelings of gratitude.  I am so grateful for these students, your children – they are bright and funny and endlessly interesting, every single one of them, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend each day with them.  I am grateful for my colleagues, the faculty and staff who love teenagers and bring amazing knowledge and insight to their work day after day.  I am grateful that a school like St. Francis exists, so that we can have this community that, while admittedly imperfect, is the best place I can imagine to spark intellectual thought and help teenagers discover their passions, while shepherding them through this complicated, messy thing called adolescence.  

I am also filled with gratitude for the way St. Francis students care about the larger community and take action.  We learned in Morning Meeting this week that several of our students, part of the SFS Student Activist Club, participated in Louisville Showing Up For Racial Justice last weekend, knocking on doors and talking to people about racism and police violence against communities of color.  Then on Wednesday evening, I shared an eye-opening experience with eight students in my We Act group. We had collected pet supplies to donate to My Dog Eats First, a nonprofit group devoted to helping homeless/low-income people care for their animals, and we were attending the weekly “Waggle Wednesday” event to help distribute these supplies.  What we found upon arrival was not just the face-to-face service opportunity we were hoping for, but something even larger.  Other organizations – and individuals – also come to this parking lot near the river every Wednesday night with food, clothes, blankets, etc.  People in need can visit any of the various tents/tables/open car trunks to acquire items.  In our small way, we were able to provide real help, and it was impactful for all of us.  

As we take a few days off next week to be grateful and to rest before the final push of the semester, I will be thinking of the St. Francis community with a full heart.  Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!