Hello from St. Paul, Minnesota!

By Suzanne Bizot Gorman, Head of the Downtown Campus

I am writing this from St. Paul, MN, where Alexandra and I are visiting schools and attending the annual ISACS Conference, along with history teacher Trent Apple, IT Director Charlie Patton, and Lower School Dean/Dean of Goshen Faculty Jennifer Griffith.  I look forward to writing next week about some of the conference sessions I attended!

A big thanks to our Counselor, Terri White, for bringing Dr. Kevin Chapman in to speak on adolescent stress and anxiety – and thanks to all the Goshen and Downtown parents who came to hear him!  

The winners of last week’s Halloween Costume Contest were:

1st Place – Aliya March, Chris Malpartida, Michael Malpartida, Jonah Goodman, and Ben Weaver (Republican presidential candidates)

2nd Place – Cat Runner and Ramona the dog (Toad and Yoshi)

3rd Place – Harrison Crawford, Grayson Smith, and Logan Wourms (Gorilla and bananas)

I hope to see many of you next Friday evening at school for the Taste of St. Francis and the Senior Auction!  The St. Francis parent body is one of the best things about sending your child to this school, and this is a great chance to enjoy some time with other parents.  Bring a favorite dish and stop by!  Festivities are underway at 5:30 p.m.