Grandparents’ Day at the High School

HS Grandparents' Day_1By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

Today we welcomed over 50 grandparents to the High School for Grandparents’ Day. They went to two classes with their grandchildren and enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by our Parent Association and many parent volunteers. I absolutely love Grandparents’ Day because it allows grandparents to get a little view into the everyday life of their grandchildren, actually sitting in class, listening to the discussion, and sometimes even participating themselves! Unfortunately, unless their grandchild has a free period during their visit, grandparents won’t get to try their hand at pool and ping pong, but there’s always next year!

Next Monday is our annual Cultural Day. Each year, we take one day to focus on a particular area and explore our downtown environment – all of the places we visit are walks! The 9th graders focus on media, with visits to the Courier-Journal, Metro TV with the Mayor’s Office, Actors Theatre’s social media coordinator, and Louisville Public Media. The 10th graders’ theme is the arts; Flame Run Gallery, 21C, the Louisville Orchestra, and the Louisville Palace. The 11th graders learn about the legal/justice systems, with this year’s offerings including a visit to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, a talk with an immigration attorney, and a trip to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The 12th graders stay closer to home, focusing on the transition to college and life, with topics like financial literacy and car maintenance. It’s always an interesting experience for the students, and should be a fun way to kick off the week before Spring Break!