Taking Time to Adjust

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

PandaWelcome back, Preschool families! We’ve had a wonderful start to the school year. It started on Saturday, with the rainy weather holding off for our Back-to-School Picnic. The bouncy houses, grilled food, face painting, and playtime made for a memorable day for everyone. 

It is important to remember in the coming days that young children need time to feel comfortable in new situations. It often takes children a few weeks to adopt a new routine, and sometimes they have more tears during the second week of adjustment than the first. This is normal. Fortunately, our Preschool teachers are experienced at helping children transition into the classroom. Parents can also help ease the transition by making sure that your child gets enough sleep at night. Try to establish a morning routine that is relaxed and unhurried. Allow enough time to get to school before 9:00 a.m., and if at all possible, use our carpool for drop off and let us walk your child into the building. We have found that the carpool routine makes for the smoothest goodbyes. Before separating, calmly remind your child when you will be back (after school, after lunch, etc.). Very soon, the transition from home to school and back again will be natural, and your child will have learned that greetings and goodbyes are a predictable part of the daily routine. This will help lay the foundation for healthy emotional development.

A few reminders:

  • If your child has a change in his/her schedule, please call me at 502-694-9369 or send me an email at RHennessy@StFrancisSchool.org.
  • You can access the 2016-17 Parent-Student Handbook in the Parent Portal. Information specially for Preschool begins on page 23.
  • Jessica Washer, Preschool Parent Association Representative, will be contacting you soon with information on how you can sign up for classroom parties and P.A. sponsored events.

A special thank you to Dr. Tom Yao and Emily Yao for the donation of the Language of Your Own Mandarin/English pen to the preschool classrooms.