Snow Unlocks New Adventures in Learning

By Renee Hennessy, Director of PreschoolPSTurkey

The snow showers on Tuesday brought excitement, laughter, and a few questions. On the way inside the building, a child asked, “What about the turkey?” She was very interested in the whereabouts of our school turkey and was concerned about him being cold. She wasn’t the only one concerned; apparently all of the children were asking where the turkey was, so the investigation began. Eventually he made his way to the front of the school with his peacock friends. This led to a conversation about caring for animals when the weather changes.  

The Ducklings class brought snow inside to explore, and they loved watching the snow through the big doors.  It truly is majestic watching the snowfall through our windows on this campus. The Adventurers class took water outside in different containers to see what would happen. The Otters class suited up in their winter gear and ventured outside. They slid down the berm on their “sleds” and built a snowman.    

Outside Winter PlayPSSnow_2
Now that the cold weather is here, please remember to send your child to Preschool with a warm hat, mittens and a heavier coat.  We try to provide the children with an outdoor playtime or walk as often as we can – even in the winter.  Don’t forget to label all outerwear with your child’s name. Thank you.   

Snow Day Ideas
Why not use a snow day or extra time this month to help your child make his/her own homemade Valentine’s Day cards?  Grandparents, aunts, uncles or other special friends would no doubt appreciate cards made by your preschooler. You can teach your child how to cut out heart shapes from paper by folding a small piece in half and helping them cut an “ear” shape beginning and ending at the fold. Parents of younger children can do the cutting and let the child decorate the hearts or glue them to paper.  Take dictation from your child and write his/her words on the cards.  You can spell the words for your older child to write on the cards.  Let your child choose how the cards will look, and remember to have fun!