Excitement in the “air”

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Directorexcitement-in-the-%22air%22

Last week we hosted one of our most highly anticipated events in the Preschool: Transportation Day! The assembly of vehicles mirrored the internal workings of a city. There were vehicles ranging from a horse trailer to a city bus represented. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the Louisville Metro Police Department helicopter made it, providing us with quite the show. Our students had the the opportunity to look inside the helicopter and meet the pilots. The pilots hovered a bit and then flew over the school and parking lot for a grand exit. We all felt a sense of wonder watching our new friends take flight. As the little ones began to tire and head inside, I noticed a group of wide-eyed 7th and 8th graders peering over the hill. They wanted to take part in the fun, and walked through the event during their snack break. The excitement for the day permeated throughout the campus, and we look forward to many more days like this!

The Transportation Day committee would like to extend a BIG thank you to the following businesses and friends of St. Francis who participated in our event: Buffalo Construction, Goshen Post Office, North Oldham County Fire Department, Hermitage Farm, TARC, Kroger, Ernst Construction, Bob Hook Chevrolet, Louisville Metro Police Department, Pro-Lift, Johnny Cantu (boat), Mike Davenport (Corvette), and James Hood (motorcycle). We also want to thank our friends from Keystone Learning Academy for spending the day with us!

On Tuesday, the Trailblazers class enjoyed an author visit with the talented LeVar Burton. For those of you who are familiar with his television show Reading Rainbow, you know his storytelling is phenomenal, and the children were absolutely enthralled. He read two stories, Enemy Pie by Derek Munson and The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm, co-authored by LeVar and Susan Schaefer Bernardo. He also showed a short Reading Rainbow clip detailing how astronauts use the bathroom in space. This was a riveting topic and very memorable for everyone in attendance.

We rounded out a very busy week with our first Big Sing of the year. The talented Faith Murphy led us through singing the classic favorites such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and the “Wheels on the Bus”. We try to have one Big Sing a month that parents are always invited to attend, and it begins after morning carpool at 9:10 a.m. We would love for your little one to wear his/her St. Francis Preschool t-shirt on Big Sing days.

The Preschool continues to grow! We welcomed new friends Ieyden, Zander, and Gitel Martz this week.

Have a great weekend!