Transportation Day an Adventure for All

Renee Hennessy, Director of Preschool DSC_0318

In anticipation of Transportation Day, I asked a few of the four-year-olds what they expected to see on the big day.  Their responses were diverse and imaginative:  an ice truck (Zara), unicorn (Sage), fire truck (Ryken), and ambulance (Henry).  Our gym lot was full of vehicles. A postal truck, a police car, a fire truck, a golf cart, a semi-truck, a school bus (of course), a city bus, a forklift, a recumbent bike, an ambulance and a concrete truck all made an appearance. The Preschoolers and Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes climbed on, explored, listened to the sirens of and practiced driving EVERYTHING! I want to thank a number of parents: Jessica Washer (Zeke’s mom) for organizing the event; Lillian Brents (Lauren and Lindsey’s mom) for helping with the TARC bus; and Chad Burke (Byron and Geneva’s dad) for bringing his police car!  A huge thank you to Randall Hood and Christi and Brian Hootman for helping our teachers.  I also want to thank our very own Ms. Holly for her mad golf cart driving skills and helping with the coordination of the classes to our gym lot.  

This week you may have heard your child talk about a fire drill.  We have monthly drills and the days and times will vary.  It is important that we teach everyone how to safely exit the building in case of an emergency.  I’m happy to report that everyone exited quickly and calmly, and it was the “best” drill we have had yet.

Today, we hosted our families at the Back-To-School Parent Luncheon, our first community celebration.  Each child created a gift for a loved one, whether it was a self-portrait or a close-up of your child’s hands. Thank you to all of our families for spending time with our teachers in your child’s classroom!  This celebration of the children in our Preschool has only just begun …