Four Shillings Short ‘WOW’ the Goshen Campus! Quick Recall Rocks!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

Four Shillings Short Performance

Four Shillings Short Performance

Last Friday, the whole school was in for a real treat – a concert from folk duo Four Shillings Short. The husband-and-wife team of Christy Martin (from California) and Aodh Og O’Tuama (from Cork, Ireland) bedazzled the whole school with their knowledge and command of over 30 folk instruments from around the world! Their combination of gentle humor and virtuoso musicianship was intoxicating as they played instruments both familiar and strange, such as the hammered and mountain dulcimers, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, Medieval and Renaissance woodwinds, recorders (from the bass to the high-pitched “baby” recorder!), tin whistles, North Indian sitar (a crowd favorite!), the Andean charango, Irish bodhran, African  doumbek, and even the good old spoons! As you can see, they took us around the world while they entertained us! Kids clapped and sang along and were absolutely enthralled during the 50-minute performance!

We receive many assembly “offers” but are very selective about which ones we bring to St. Francis. This was one of the best in recent memory. And we have one of our own, former Goshen teacher Alice Premo (formerly Alice Covell!), to thank for generously sponsoring this wonderful concert. Alice taught at St. Francis for 35 years in Lower School Language Arts and Social Studies and is good friends with the musicians. She is also the mother of our very own Michael Mahoney G’78, 7th grade LA/SS teacher and MS Social Studies Chair, and grandmother to 8th grader Lorenzo.  All were brought onstage before the show to thank, acknowledge, and reminisce. Bravo!!

I also wanted to recognize the very successful 6th Grade Showcase event we hosted on the Goshen Campus all day Saturday! Kudos are especially in order to Debbie Adkins, Anne Farra and Lindsy Serrano for the fantastic job they did organizing and running this complicated academic tournament (along with the help of many other SFS folks!). Alexandra and I received a very complimentary email from parent and volunteer Audrey Morrison about the day:

6th Grade Showcase was yesterday. Ms. Adkins and Ms. Serrano were there and in primo organization mode. Ms. Serrano was the head scorer; Ms. Adkins was head everything. The way the Adkins/Serrano team had the competition set up and going was a thing of beauty. At one point in that very long day, Ms. Adkins said, “By the time they all show up for the awards ceremony, I want to be there waiting for them.” She was. Ms. Varda and Mr. Frechette worked all day as moderators, judges, or scorers and Ms. Chanda and Ms. Farra were there all day as well. Chef Matt prepared a nice lunch spread for officials and coaches. The SFS people were amazing, and I think all the competitors/parents/ officials realized it. Those faculty members did St. Francis proud.”

Thanks, Audrey, we couldn’t agree more. Look for results elsewhere in the newsletter and thanks to all these hard-working, dedicated souls for reflecting so well on St. Francis and giving of their time!