From Testing to TALENT!!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of the Goshen Campus

Last night was our always entertaining Middle School Talent Show sponsored by the 8th Grade Class. I have to say last night was one of the best ever! We had a wonderful variety of acts ranging from the usual singing, dancing, and piano solos, but also some more exotic fare such as a karate demonstration (Emma Rose Farber), a violin solo (Reese Ragland), Rubik’s cube solving (Jordan Gilford), a spectacular magic act (Jamie Campbell), and even Irish dancing (Elijah Foye!).  Kudos to all who were brave enough to face an audience of 150 and our 8th Grade Class raised close to $500 for their Class gift! Bravo!!  

It’s been a different sort of week on the Goshen Campus. As we have been administering the ERB standardized tests to all students in grades 4 – 7 during periods one and two, we haven’t had our usual Morning Meetings in Middle School. It points out to me just how valuable these gatherings are. Without getting everyone together first thing for typical school business, celebratory announcements, news about sports teams, service initiatives, and even birthdays, we feel a little disconnected. The “family” atmosphere Morning Meetings foster in both Lower and Middle School are priceless in my opinion and a big part of our community feel. I look forward to their return soon!

And as far as the testing goes, it has basically been very productive and efficient. While standardized testing is not exactly a “barrel of laughs” for anyone, our teachers report that our kids have approached them with positive attitudes for the most part and are giving them their all. I think they understand the necessity of these tests in the “real world” and are putting their best foot forward. Kudos to school Counselor Julie Marks for organizing and leading the process so well!


On a related note, can you believe quarter four interim grades will be emailed out this Friday to those who receive them in Middle School? You know what that means – only about four to five weeks to go! It may be a cliche, but time really does fly (when you’re having fun!).


And on a “happy preview” note, celebrated Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams is visiting our campus next week! Fresh on the heels of meshing the Louisville Orchestra with “Thunder over Louisville,” he will talk to our students in a short assembly to start and then visit with a couple of smaller ensembles in a very hands-on environment. Our jazz band and Middle School Graduation Choir will benefit from his expertise and knowledge in small, breakout sessions. Of course, we have Bob Bertke to thank with his ever-growing network of connections for making this special event possible!