5th Grade Governor’s Cup Team Scores!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of the Goshen CampusGovCup_12

Last week I highlighted our MathCounts team’s performance over Winter Break, and then last weekend we had another big performance from our 5th grade Governor’s Cup team! Under the coaching of Misty Chanda and assistant coach Andrew Frechette, our 5th graders came in 3rd place overall for Quick Recall. We also had a slew of strong individual performances in individual testing areas! Here are the highlights:  

Arts & Humanities:
1st place – Amelia Gorman
3rd place – Lucy Frederick

Language Arts:
2nd place – Amelia Gorman

5th place – Jack Rutherford

Social Studies:
3rd place – Jack Rutherford
5th place – Meredith Snyder

These medal winners, along with all the other students who competed, were honored during Monday’s Morning Meeting. The medal winners advance on to the regional competition on March 12th. Other team members, who either competed at Governor’s Cup or scrimmaged against Louisville Classical Academy and Goshen Elementary, include Jane McLeroy, Kameron Julian, Jackson Sleadd, Jordan Gilford, Fairleigh Jones, and West Middendorf.  Go Wyverns!

Also competing last weekend was our Middle School Science Olympiad Team. This was our first fielding of a Science Olympiad Team in many years, and the program was resurrected by science teacher Jason Chlopek. Students in Science Olympiad create contraptions to try and produce specific results (for example, a ping pong ball catapult that was “tested” at Morning Meeting!) and also take tests in many scientific areas. While our very small and young team didn’t bring home the hardware this year, these intrepid young scientists were able to pursue their passions further, which is really what academic teams are all about. I’m sure the program will grow in the years to come! The Olympiad team members who competed or participated in building include Grayson Karleski, Gray Owen, Ali Muse, Isaiah Green, Harrison Aberle, Sam Swift, Robert Boyd, and Cameron Gant.