School Settles in to Regular Routine

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

As we wrap up our third week of school, it finally feels like the “newness” is wearing off and we are settling into our daily routines (although everyone still keeps asking “When does this period end?” with our later schedule!). Highlights from this week include our 4th graders taking a fun field trip to the downtown riverfront to see history up close and personal! They went on authentic replicas of two of Columbus’ ships, the Pinta and the Niña (and no one contracted scurvy). Our fall play, The Importance of Being Earnest, was cast (after a weeklong jury duty delay on my end!) and several of our soccer and field hockey teams posted some big wins! We also hosted a very successful Lower School Back-to-School Night on Wednesday, and the last of our Parent Coffees for the Middle School this morning.

First Goshen Student Council Meeting

First Goshen Student Council Meeting

Another exciting “first” was the kick-off meeting of the Middle School Student Council. The 8th grade officers were elected last spring and have been patiently waiting for reinforcements. The 5th – 7th advisee groups held their own elections in the last week, and we convened for the first time Thursday. With three advisee groups per grade, this is the biggest Student Council in quite some time, but in my book that just means we can get more accomplished! Besides bringing student ideas to our meetings every week, the Council also discusses and brainstorms about many different issues that benefit the school. Our first such topic this week was what should be our first Buddy activity this year? The students will be finding out who their buddy from the opposite division is soon, and we, along with the Lower School Student Council, will be planning all the fun this year! Stay tuned for more info on that.

The following students have expressed interest in leadership, serving their school, and had the moxie to make a speech in front of their classmates. I commend them all!

8th Grade:
President: Lorenzo Mahoney
Hayden Jones
Ryane Jones
Eston McLeroy

7th Grade
Kirby Advisees:  Levi Tyler
Mahoney Advisees: Jimmy Lancaster
Ponzio Advisees: Isaac Davis

6th Grade
Church Advisees: J.T.  Montgomery
Jones Advisees: Isaiah Green
Staley Advisees: Lily Gilbert

5th Grade
Dobring Advisees: Tyler King
Koth Advisees: Jackson Sleadd
Varda Advisees: Peter Ronay