Quarter II Progress Reports on the Way!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of the Goshen Campus1stGradeScience_3

Your child’s second quarter Progress Reports will be posted on the Parent Portal this afternoon! It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through this school year, but the beginning of the second semester (and the snow!) clearly points to that fact.

Our teachers put a great deal of time and care into our reports. Whether it is the narrative comments from the Lower School faculty, or the combination of grades, effort and behavior ratings, and comments from the Middle School teachers, we strive to give you a clear picture of your child’s progress in all facets of school life. Depending on your child’s age, I hope you can spend some time sharing the report with your son/daughter. When I ask, “Who saw their progress report?” at Morning Meeting, I’m always surprised by the number of kids who have not. While progress reports are intended primarily for parents, students of a certain age should certainly be aware of their own performance. Whether that is cause for celebration or perhaps setting up new goals or strategies to improve, it is good for students to be involved with their own learning. Our Middle School advisors will discuss reports with their students next week, too.

I also want to remind Middle School parents that although we’re no longer doing a quarterly effort recognition, we are planning to hand out the Elizabeth Archibald Effort Award at the end of the year to a select group of deserving students in each Middle School grade. We are compiling data as the year progresses and will honor these students at our final assembly in May.

I also want to commend our students for how they handled last Friday when we had a “Security Day” in response to local law enforcement information. The information we shared with students depended on their age level, naturally, and I asked Middle School students to take the day seriously and not make jokes about it or try to scare students who might be more nervous. I was very pleased at day’s end when I hadn’t received one report of such behavior. I can’t say I was too shocked, though. When given honest information and dealt with maturely, our students usually do the right thing. Now, If we could just get them to resist that snowball urge …

Have a meaningful three-day weekend with your children, and we’ll report next week on our annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly from earlier today.