Preschoolers Enjoys Activities of the Season

By Renee Hennessy, Director of PreschoolPreschoolPlay_2

This week I have noticed a high concentration of glitter with blue, red, green, and white paints, plus a plethora of other holiday colors throughout our area of the school.  I peeked in the 4s classroom to see their classes mixing cinnamon, flour and salt together to create a wonderful scented dough for sensory play.  The Adventurers’ class has been busy creating a wintery scene (although winter is playing hide-and-seek) on their wall with white lights and shimmery trees.  Our Ducklings class has been singing and dancing to holiday songs.  You can always tell what season it is by spending a few minutes in a Preschool classroom!

This is the time of year our family traditions mean so much.  At our school, we celebrate and value the richness of culture and ethnic diversity.  We encourage parents and grandparents to share with us their holiday traditions. Talk to your child’s teacher about sharing your family’s traditions.

On Thursday, December 17th, the entire Goshen Campus will have a Pajama Day.  Please remember to send your child in regular shoes. They will still have a typical day, so appropriate shoes will make their time on the playground more enjoyable.  On Friday, December 18th, children are encouraged to don their festive wear for our last day of the year.

The Preschool holiday parties are “low key” events.  They are usually in the classroom with minimal visitors.  The focus is on the special activities and snacks of the day, rather than a large gathering.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, and I wish everyone the best of the season.