Preschool Director Renee Hennessy, Thoughts

ReneeHennessyIn January, things have been a bit chilly at the Preschool.  Our classes have been exploring all things relating to winter.  Some activities for the 2s and 3s have included making snow from shaving cream and baking soda, and learning about what happens when ice and snow melt.

The 4s classes conducted an interesting science experiment called “blubber mittens.”  First they put some ice cubes in a bowl of water and felt the water with their fingers. Then they put some blubber (Crisco) inside a plastic bag.  Next, the children added a clean plastic bag inside the blubber bag.  Each friend took a turn putting their hand inside the clean bag; it looked like they were wearing a blubber mitten. Then they took turns dipping their mitten-clad hands into the ice water and learned that the water didn’t feel cold at all!  This helped everyone learn how blubber helps animals like polar bears, seals, walruses, and whales swim in that icy water without getting cold.