Of Talent Shows and Sports Banquets!

By Reed Gabhart, Head of the Goshen Campus KDErby_1

The final two weeks of school bring SO many events to the calendar it’s literally hard to keep up! It’s like our own version of the Kentucky Derby Festival (the “Wyvern Fortnight”?). Since our last newsletter, we’ve had the heartwarming Kindergarten Derby, which was moved to the gym for poor weather, and was just as charming as outdoors in full sunshine! My favorite moment was when one “pony” took a tumble and the other three stopped to help him up! Sorry, Vince Lombardi, but “winning isn’t everything!” We also had our highly impressive 8th Grade Capstone Project Showcase! Once again, our oldest students shared months of work on a topic of their own choosing in a variety of attractive and educational ways. I think what strikes their “audience” most is both their passion for their topic and the amount of knowledge they have clearly gained in doing their research, editing, and preparations for the showcase. Topics included anxiety disorders, life after death, the impact of 9/11, gender bias, genealogy, the positives vs. negatives of social media, hydrocephalus, superstitions, and Tourette’s Syndrome. You can see many of these are pretty “deep” – and personal in many cases. As always, kudos are in order to 8th grade teachers Patrick Donovan for leading this process once again and Rachael Dobring for tackling her first endeavor at such a monumental undertaking.

This week we had our Lower School Talent Show on Tuesday, which is always a “Lollapalooza” of fun and laughter! From hula-hooping to Michael Jackson dances to Star Wars skits to even the periodic table song (from 1st grader Charlotte Pappas!), it brought down the house once again! Kim Aberle and company work their magic every year and this year was no exception. And afterwards, the Lower School Choir treated us to a 25-minute musical revue to cap off the show with a Broadway flair!

Tuesday night was our annual Middle School Sports Banquet. We had a fantastic turnout (despite stormy weather), and it was a wonderful celebration of a triumphant year in athletics on the Goshen Campus! It was especially touching to see how much the coaches cared about their teams and the lessons they hoped to impart. Many commented on the improvement their teams and individuals made regardless of wins and losses. Effort, commitment, desire, and teamwork were the qualities stressed. All the coaches commented on how difficult it is to single out two trophy winners among so many deserving kids (and many couldn’t, in fact!). Coach Shannon Ragland really put some lumps in throats as he had trouble getting through his speech about “The Undefeateds” (as he has coined our unbeaten 6th grade girls’ basketball team). Ditto for Coach Shavar Cowherd when talking about the boys’ 7th/8th grade A basketball team, who were a gaudy 28 – 1 with three tournament championships! And it is also inspiring to see how our students cheer for each other as trophy winners are announced. Egos are parked at the door and everyone is happy for those selected. It is a true reflection of what is right in amateur athletics, and we are so appreciative of the dedicated work Tony Butler, Shavar Cowherd and ALL our coaches (faculty and parents alike) are doing for our kids.

The “fortnight” rolls on with many events on the way: The Parent/Daughter Dance tonight, the 8th Grade Car Wash on Saturday (hold off rain!), the Formal for 7th and 8th grades next Friday, followed by the 8th Grade Lock-In, Class Day, our Final Assembly, and Goshen Graduation. Hold onto your hats!