Monarch Life Cycle Excites Preschoolers

Renee Hennessy, Director of Preschool

Young children have a natural sense of curiosity and wonder about their world, which makes projects involving living things even more interesting to them. Our 4s classes spent the first few
PreschoolMonarch weeks of school observing the life cycle of a butterfly. The enthusiasm for this project was contagious and exciting to watch. Ms. Kelly wanted to share her class’ experience this week!     


The Butterfly Project by Kelly Brooks

The Explorers and the Otters observed the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.  We watched the caterpillar grow and grow as he munched on milkweed.  Within days, he was in the “J” position, ready to form the chrysalis. As a class we made a prediction of how many days it would take before it would turn into a butterfly. We had guesses from two to 16 days. We kept track of the days by creating a paper chain.  After 10 days, a beautiful monarch butterfly emerged! The children loved this experience and were sad to set it free. We ventured outside together and said goodbye to our butterfly as it flew through the sky.

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