First Goshen Assembly Welcomes Faculty

By Reed Gabhart, Head of Goshen Campus

It’s a “short week” on the old news front, aAssembly_1s I am (unexpectedly!) immersed in jury duty in Clark County, Indiana. This is a first for me, and I’d like to say I’m having a swell time but …

Looking back to last Friday, we held our always fun “Back to School” school-wide assembly at the end of the day for a packed Main Amp! Alexandra led the kids in a discussion of all the wonderful new things on the campus and brought our fabulous maintenance crew onstage to thank them. As Jim DeNicola stood there sheepishly, Walter and Ryan came onstage playing recorders to the melodious strains of Kenny G. You had to be there! I presented National Youth Arts recognition to Amelia Dimas, Lorenzo Mahoney and Lon Church, and last year’s cast of Fools stood proudly to be recognized as being nominated for Best Junior High Ensemble. And our summer musical campers entertained us with two numbers from Into the Woods.

Assembly_3 Assembly_4

The highlight of the first assembly is always introducing our new faculty! Debbie Adkins, Señora Alfaya, Joanne Brock, Emily Campbell, Brian Kirby and Judy Riendeau all came on stage (reluctantly?) to introduce themselves, and each had to draw a card with a question posed to them by one of our advisee groups! The Junior Kindergartners asked Ms. Alfaya, “If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?” Not missing a beat, she said, “X-ray vision!” Watch
out, kids! And Mr. Kirby got a two-parter from the Mahoney group: “Have you ever had an ear pierced?” and “If you Assembly_2had a font, what would it look like?” The answers? Yes, in college (hoots and hollers ensued!) and his font would be a “Spartan” green and Greek-looking! And finally poor “Ms. R” had to answer, “If  you were an elephant for a day, what would be the first thing you’d do?” I can’t quite recall what she said, but I think the answer should have been,
leave the stage! Sorry, Judy!

It was a fun and community-building way to start the year, and I think we all can tell we have an energetic and hard-working group of “St. Francis people” ready to join us for a fantastic 2015-16 school year!