Big Sing a Rockin’ Good Time

Renee Hennessy, Director of Preschool BigSing_1

Our first Big Sing was Tuesday and we had a rockin’ good time. Ms. Faith led us in a sing-a-long of songs that the children are learning in her classes.  It was great to see so many families in attendance. This is a Preschool tradition that is guaranteed to make your day, so don’t miss our next Big Sing on Wednesday, October 21st!

The Preschoolers have noticed the changes in nature and are collecting artifacts from their adventures outside.  Each classroom has its share of leaves, acorns, sticks and rocks discovered from exploring this beautiful campus.  Our walks to the gym and time spent playing outside are providing them with many learning opportunities.  Ask your child open-ended questions about their day like, “What do you think about this?” or “I wonder how the leaves change colors?”  Your children are very inquisitive and we want to encourage them to develop critical thinking skills.