6th Graders Share Their Conservation Projects

Carol Clark, Middle School Science

Carol Clark, Middle School Science

6th graders “wowed” students, parents, staff and faculty Wednesday morning with a showcase of their science conservation projects. The array of topics included:

  •   The cosmetic industry and animal testing
  •   The food and meat industries
  •   Pesticide use and misuse
  •   Cleaning our water
  •   Ocean pollution and oil spills
  •   Pollution of the Ohio River
  •   Green building designs
  •   Green solutions such as solar and wind energy
  •   Endangered species
  •   The vanishing of the bees
  •   Mountain top removal
  •   Hydraulic fracturing
  •   What happens to our trash and how we can recycle for reuse
  •   Invasive species

The purpose of doing these projects is for students to synthesize the content learned during this year of environmental science, to learn to make a professional looking presentation, to increase their ability to perform effective research using reliable Internet sites, and to deepen their knowledge and become experts about a specific topic.

Many students gained knowledge that was life-changing, such
as knowing how animals are treated and processed so we can have meat on our tables. Nyla Nawab’s project focused on the harmful effects of cosmetics. “You’re beautiful the way you are and you don’t need to wear makeup to prove it,” said Nyla after her presentation. After researching the pollution in the Ohio River, Michael Patterson said, “I definitely won’t swim in this river!”

This exposition has become an annual event. One year, 4th grader Catherine Dewberry saw a project about the making of chicken nuggets. Because of what Catherine learned, their family has never returned to McDonald’s. Our 6th grade science students have done excellent research and demonstrated one of the precepts of the scientific method: communicating and sharing their results. And we are all richer for it.