6th Grade Showcase

By Anne Farra, LS & MS Humanities, 6th Grade Quick Recall Coach6thGShowcase

On Saturday, our academic team competed int he 6th Grade Showcase.  The team made our school proud, coming in 2nd place for our region!

The 6th grade Quick Recall team began practicing during lunch and recess on Fridays in late September.  In November, students additionally gave up a morning recess to practice.  The Showcase competition included five other regional middle school teams: North Oldham, East Oldham, Trimble County, Henry County, and St. Aloysius.  6th Grade Showcase is made up of three parts: written composition, written assessment (5 subject areas), and quick recall.  Our team did wonderfully all around!  Lily Gilbert placed 2nd in written composition and 1st place in Arts and Humanities.  Grayson Karleski placed 3rd in Science.  Ali Muse placed 5th in Language Arts.  The team placed 2nd in quick recall, losing to North Oldham in the final round.   Way to go, Wyverns!

The team is composed of Lily Gilbert, Grayson Karleski, Ayda Marshall, Kathryn Denham, Veronika Vawter, Natalie Koch, Maddy Feitelson, Ali Muse, Harrison Aberle, and Reese Ragland.

A huge thank you to the following people: Anne Farra, head coach of the 6th grade team; Debbie Adkins, assistant coach and contest manager of the event; and Lindsy Serrano, who served as the head scorer. Andrew Frechette, Heather Varda and Misty Chanda served as moderators and scorers.  Audrey Morrison was the chief official. Judy Riendeau, Joanne Brock, Melanie Pugh, Erin Staley, Pattie Koth, Sarah Wallace and Cara Baribeau helped as proctors, graders or with registration. And Charlie Patton helped make sure all of the tech needs went off without a hitch.