5th Grade Has Great Experience at Natural Bridge

5th Grade LA/SS

Heather Varda, 5th Grade LA/SS

The 5th graders experienced the wonder of our state park’s “Natural Bridge” last week. This has been an annual trip for the 5th grade, with an overnight stay in the state park’s lodge. The 5th graders learned some interesting facts about geology from our informative naturalist Drew, particularly that the Natural Bridge is a sandstone arch that was created from a massive earthquake and subsequent water erosion thousands of years ago. Additionally, the students had opportunities for bonding as they played team games from our Peace Education program and went on two long hikes as a group through the forest. This year the students also had the opportunity to try archery and to build a fire as a team. The American buffet is always popular on this trip, as the kids find something they enjoy from the hot line and salad bar, as well as the dessert bar. The outdoor education trips at St. Francis are magical experiences for many students, and these trips serve as an opportunity for an appreciation of our environment. The kids left the park with a greater appreciation of natural wildlife and can now identify a few wildflowers, such as the Dwarf Iris, Trillium, and Columbine flowers on the forest floor.