4s class learns about Matisse

Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

Hennessy, Preschool

Last week was a busy one with our teachers preparing for parent-teacher conferences and then heading to Lexington for the KAIS conference.  One presenter we enjoyed was Dr. William Mosier from Wright State University, where he is currently the director of Research in Child Development.  He entertained preschool and kindergarten teachers with his humor and energy.  We appreciated that, because you need a little of both to work with young children!  His research in child development focuses on behavior and positive guidance.  Dr. Mosier shared his tips on guiding behavior with the 12 Levels of Behavior Intervention for Implementing Positive Child Guidance. AndrewFrechetteSome of his suggestions included ignoring unwanted behavior, looking at your classroom environment, using circle time/story time to address behavior, and positive feedback on observing behaviors that are acceptable,  He also discussed a few other classroom suggestions to deter disruptive behaviors.  Andrew Frechette, our JK teacher, was a great sport and demonstrated some unwanted behaviors for us.  It was a great opportunity for us to come together as a group and learn from one another.

PS_Matisse_1Starfish parent Leigh Stine (Stella’s mom) shared her passion for art with the 4s classes on Friday.  She showed the children a picture of Matisse and a few of his earlier works, and  she talked about how he “painted with scissors.” Leigh also taught the children about space and how small pieces can make a whole picture. Thank you, Leigh, for sharing your talent with the preschoolers!  We will display our Mini Matisse in the Preschool area next week.

Don’t forget “Spring” eggs are due for our annual egg hunt and donation to Keystone Academy. We are asking every family to bring in two dozen filled plastic eggs by Friday, March 27th.

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