Fall is in the Air in the Preschool Classrooms

By Renee Hennessy, Director of the PreschoolPreschool_6

It’s that time of year when change is in the air.  It is very visible by the leaves turning, as well as the clothing changes, with everyone needing to bundle up a little more than before.  Throughout the the Preschool, there is a feeling of fall in each classroom.  The 2s classes have been learning about the colors of fall through activities such as painting with fall colors, gluing leaves found on walks outside, and science experiments with apples.  The 3s have also been busy observing the changes outside. They have made applesauce and are opening gourds and pumpkins to discover what’s inside.  The 4s classes are cooking up the season’s bounties by baking apple crisps. They have also learned about fruits and vegetables that have seeds and where they grow.   

The activities described above are general goings-on in the Preschool.  Every day there are in-depth conversations and discoveries made that aren’t planned but are spontaneous and child-directed.  For example, one group has taken an interest in animals, initiated by St. Francis Day.  They are asking questions such as: How do we take care of the animals? Why do we have chickens at school?  Why are they not in a cage?  We will reflect on these questions with the group and plan more investigations about animals (particularly chickens), so they can discover together the answers to their inquiries.   

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