Fabulously Fun Spirit Week

By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

It’s been a fabulously fun Spirit Week, with the culminating festivities tonight! “Meme Day” seemed to be hilariously enjoyable per student laughter; of course, the rest of the faculty/staff and I were staring at these dressed-up students with absolutely no clue what on earth it all meant. We adults fared a little better keeping up with “Dress Like a Famous Person/Character” day, with pregnant Beyonce, Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Russell Westbrook, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the Kardashians, and Michael Jackson making appearances, among others. Today features Wyvern wear, with face painting all day and a balloon send-off for the basketball teams this afternoon. The game plan for the student vs. faculty basketball contest involves the rest of the adults standing around and passing the ball to Tony Butler, so we’re confident of a victory. The second competitive eating contest of the 2017-18 school year will occur tonight, as well – watermelon was the fall choice, and pie is on the menu for this winter Spirit Night. We’ll get some pictures to share in next week’s newsletter! 

Yesterday, we had a panther visit St. Francis – the Hanover College Panther, to be exact, who was visiting with some Hanover administrators to award three of our students – Aakriti Bista, Andrea Brito, and Alexis Nelson – full-tuition Benjamin Templeton Scholarships. Moments like these, and hearing of other college acceptances, are truly wonderful because they represent the culmination of much hard work, as well as an exciting new beginning for each student. The juniors are beginning their individual college counseling meetings, so as the seniors wait on news, the juniors are creating lists and deciding where to visit. Kit Llewellyn’s monthly College Corner column – the February iteration of which is in this newsletter – provides tips for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and their parents to help survive and maybe even thrive during the college process. Check it out!