Doughnuts with Dad

Doughnuts With Dad_3By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

An exciting event happened today in the Preschool – which included yummy treats, special guests, and very excited children – Doughnuts with Dad! Here are just a few reasons that our four and five-year-olds love their dads: “You give the best hugs and kisses,” “You give me cupcakes and take me to the store,” “You play boss and tickle machine with me,” and “You drove to the airport and then flew to get me and then we flew back.” This event gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk to the children about how they like to spend time together with their dads or a special person in their lives. Young children love celebrations and showing their families what they enjoy doing at the Preschool. Thank you to all of our guests for visiting today!