Diversity Week Events bring Understanding

Diverstity Week HS 2017By Suzanne Gorman, Head of Downtown Campus

I asked Terri White, School Counselor, to recap the Diversity Week that she and Spanish teacher Angela Katz, along with a group of students, held last week. A huge thanks to Terri White and Angela Katz and the excellent leadership in the student committee for all their work on this multi-day event! Read on for Terri’s account:

The High School’s annual Diversity Week brought thoughtful and interesting programming to the Downtown Campus all week. Highlights of the week included a two-part panel on Tuesday, a privilege activity on Wednesday, the Diversity Fair on Thursday, and the Diversity Potluck on Friday.

The panel first featured speakers from the community. Ted Farrell, a local immigration attorney, answered questions on immigration, current laws, the three branches of government, and the impact of the new administration. Karina Barillas from La Casita answered questions and presented information on the experience of documented and undocumented immigrants. Fatima Zuhali and her daughter, Ayah Kutmah, spoke about their experience as Muslim women in the United States and how to be an ally. Then it was our students’ turn: six of our own students (Iqlas Abukar, Muni Yusuf, Shams Shaker, Andrea Brito, Aakriti Bista, and Hana Ibrahim) shared their experiences of being immigrants to the United States or children of immigrants, of being Muslim and wearing – or not wearing – the hijab. It felt significant for students to hear both from adults in the community and from peers that they sit next to every day.

On Wednesday, students participated in an activity designed to understand privilege. The students were divided by grade, lining up side by side. Several statements were read. Students were then asked to take a step forward for each statement that was true for them. The activity offered a visual representation of privilege. The activity was followed by an all-school discussion. The discussion was an amazing moment for SFS. Students were sharing their experience of privilege or lack of privilege and educating each other. You could hear a pin drop as all of the students were focused on whoever was speaking. The amount of support and respect in the room was palpable. This was one of those moments when you truly appreciate and are in awe of the SFS student community.

Thursday brought the Diversity Fair, an event first held last year that invites any student or group who wishes to have a booth or table. This year, displays included Gender Club, Black Students Association, Chinese culture, Jewish culture, Sweden, Mexico, Somalia, Appalachian music, henna, and traditional dress worn by students representing Nepal, Somalia, Mexico, Ukraine, and Iraq. There were many games and activities to help educate and entertain the students.

The events were capped off on Friday with the annual Diversity Potluck, where students bring in and share their favorite dishes during lunch. A feast of epic proportions and rich in ethnic and cultural variety was served to the student body. The Diversity Potluck never disappoints and is always a wonderful and different way that the students share themselves with the community.