College Corner January 2017

college-cornerDon’t forget about your January college preparation to-dos! Read on to see what you should be doing now as a sophomore, junior, and senior. 


  • Consider a college summer program and research those possibilities online
  • Peruse the box of summer options in the College Resource Room and the bulletin board in the 2nd floor Atrium Commons


  • Using your PSAT scores, research a range of colleges which might interest you; utilize the My College QuickStart on the College Board website (your ID number can be found on your PSAT score sheet)
  • If you so choose, pursue SAT preparation independently or through a course
  • Register for the SAT and ACT to be taken in the spring ( and
  • This is the last semester that counts in your GPA prior to applications; go for it!
  • Consider a college summer program or an activity related to your Senior Project
  • Be thorough and punctual with your Senior Project deadlines/proposal (coming later this spring – start thinking about it!)
  • All juniors will be meeting with Kit Llewellyn individually after January 20th
  • For students who are seeking extended time on the ACT and SAT, please be certain that your assessments/documentation are updated with The Learning Center so that you can apply for eligibility and register for the upcoming tests


  • It is imperative that you submit your FAFSA and any financial aid forms as soon as possible. Visit for complete list of events and locations.
  • Complete your taxes ASAP, if you are considering applying for financial aid
  • Complete and send financial aid applications, ensuring you have completed the CSS Profile and /or the FAFSA if required and college specific financial aid forms
  • If a seventh semester mid-year report is required please let Kit Llewellyn know
  • Continue to research scholarship information (
  • Maintain your second semester grades; BEWARE of senioritis/slacking off!
  • Your academic year is not over; colleges are informed of any radical GPA slides
  • Submit all remaining application materials by the end of this month
  • Check with your colleges to make sure that nothing is missing from your file
  • Keep Kit Llewellyn informed of responses from colleges and any missing materials requested