College Corner

By Kit Llewellyn, College Advisor


  • Send off for college viewbooks; browse the college websites
  • Listen in Morning Meeting to the acceptance announcements and chat with seniors about their college admissions journey
  • If you have a learning difference and need extended time on standardized tests, make sure your documentation is updated, and contact The Learning Center (Emily Boyle) in order to verify your documentation


  • Take the SAT Reasoning and ACT tests
  • Register for the June SAT Reasoning and/or Subject tests and ACT tests
  • Keep your focus
  • Meet your deadlines for Senior Project Proposals
  • Review list of suggested colleges with Mrs. Llewellyn and begin researching/exploring
  • Make sure your learning difference/special needs documentation is updated if you expect to receive extended time on your standardized tests
  • Update your profile and resume on Naviance


  • All colleges should respond with financial aid offers by early April
  • Meet with Mrs. Llewellyn and parents to discuss which college is your best match
  • Consider financial aid packages carefully as offers arrive; you should have received your SAR from FAFSA
  • Try to visit or revisit the colleges that have offered you a place
  • Listen to the advice of your parents and Mrs. Llewellyn, but insist that the choice be yours; do not be overly influenced by the college name prestige
  • Follow acceptance instructions carefully
  • Students on waitlists should write letters expressing interest and send any additional information
  • Make your final college choice and submit your deposit by May 1. This is not a postmark deadline!