College Corner

By Kit Llewellyn, College Advisor


  • Begin visits to nearby colleges/universities     
  • Research interesting and challenging summer courses, jobs and activities                
  • Use Spring Break to visit colleges along the way, if you are traveling   
  • Take virtual tours online


  • Take SAT reasoning test this month, if you registered                    
  • Sign up for May or June SAT, June ACT or June SAT Subject tests, if applicable
  • Use Spring Break to visit prospective colleges    
  • Keep reading and finish up strongly this year
  • Meet with Ms. Llewellyn to look over your preliminary list of suggested colleges and share with your parents through Naviance
  • Compile your activities/community service into a resume on your Naviance account


  • Report any issues to Ms. Llewellyn
  • If colleges require additional information, send it immediately   
  • If accepted, denied or wait-listed by a college, notify Ms. Llewellyn
  • All colleges should reply with financial aid packages/scholarships by April 1st or at least early April
  • Meet with Ms. Llewellyn and parents to discuss which college is the best match
  • Consider financial aid packages carefully!!
  • Try to revisit colleges where you have been offered a place
  • Listen to the advice of parents and Ms. Llewellyn, but insist on your choice, if it feels right to you
  • Follow acceptance/housing instructions carefully
  • Students on wait-lists should write letters expressing interest and send additional  information