College Corner

By Kit Llewellyn, College Advisor


  • Consider a college summer program. Do research on the web or with Ms. Llewellyn
  • Continue enjoying your extracurriculars, hobbies or part-time job
  • Think about using Winter Break for visits to nearby colleges/universities for initial comparisons
  • Give lots of energy to your studies!


  • Register for the SAT and ACT tests online @ or
  • This is the last semester that counts for your GPA prior to applications, so go for it; show the colleges what you have to offer!
  • Consider a college summer program/course/job
  • Each junior will have an individual meeting with Ms. Llewellyn and together we will generate a list of suggested colleges
  • Parents of juniors are encouraged to make appointments with Ms. Llewellyn after the lists are composed, for further discussion and planning
  • Plan on taking the March or May SAT, the April or June ACT and any SAT Subject Tests in June, if your colleges require those tests
  • Consider planning some college visits during Winter and Spring Breaks


  • Complete your taxes, send financial aid forms  (*FAFSA and CSS Profile forms when required) and the specific aid forms from the individual colleges
  • If a seventh-semester transcript is required, ask Ms. Llewellyn to send it
  • Mid-year reports are required by some colleges
  • Continue to research scholarship info in Ms. Llewellyn’s office and online at
  • Keep working on your Senior Projects and enjoy!
  • Your senior grades will always be a permanent piece of your high school record … don’t slack off!
  • Check that all your colleges have received all materials: applications, fees, test scores, recommendations and financial aid forms
  • Carefully read all emails and information coming from admissions offices: acceptance procedures, housing, financial aid procedures, registration, and orientation.  Periodically check your spam because sometimes important messages may be posted there.     
  • Keep Ms. Llewellyn informed of your acceptances (and otherwise!)