College Corner

By Kit Llewellyn, College Advisor


  • Talk to your senior friends about their applications/visits to campus/interview experiences.
  • Be sure to keep up background reading (newspaper, novels, magazines, sci-fi) to maximize your performance on the SAT next year.
  • Research possible colleges for admission using handbooks, catalogs, videos, virtual tours and online resources.
  • When your PSAT test scores arrive in January, study the results to discover where you need more focus or assistance. You will be sitting for a practice ACT test in the spring
    (TBA) for practice and experience.


  • When you receive your PSAT test results in January, make sure to discuss your scores with Mrs. Llewellyn. Research possible colleges for admission using handbooks, catalogs, videos, virtual tours, and online resources.
  • Using your PSAT scores as a preliminary indicator, begin narrowing the range of colleges you are researching. Register for the SAT and the ACT on one of the spring test dates (observe that some of the test dates fall during Winter Break, Spring Break, Derby, et al).  Plan ahead!
  • If you are interested in SAT/ACT prep courses or tutorials, contact Emily Boyle in The Learning Center.
  • Keep your academic focus during exams this and next semester.
  • Check into some summer programs which you might coordinate with the proposal of your Senior Project.


  • All of your evaluation forms and teacher recommendations have been submitted via Naviance to your colleges.
  • You should complete SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests (if required) testing this month. Walk-in registration is possible if you did not register on time. Remember that it is your responsibility to send your official scores from ACT and College Board to the universities.
  • If you are accepted early decision, withdraw applications to all other colleges by writing a note.
  • If you are deferred early decision, write to the college stating that it is still your first choice and you will attend, if accepted in the spring.
  • Parents: Begin filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and/or the CSS profile (if applicable) for January mailing — the earlier the better!
  • Parents need to complete their taxes as soon as possible in order to submit FAFSA.

Everyone will enjoy the holidays more if all of your paperwork is completed by exam week. Realizing the juggling of your daily work, sports, drama, jobs, friends, and family can be overwhelming; try to stay organized and manage your time wisely.

If a college requires an interview and you cannot make it to campus, it is your responsibility to call the admissions office and set up an alum interview locally.

As always, if you need clarification or are confused about any piece of this process, do not hesitate calling or emailing
Ms. Llewellyn (
502-736-1012). Make sure to get all info regarding the financial aid process at EACH college/university; their requirements and deadlines vary.