Art to Enhance our Curriculum

By Renee Hennessy, Preschool Director

All of our Preschool classrooms are stocked with a variety of art materials for the children to use throughout the day. Creating self-directed art is a hands-on activity that helps children learn in many ways. By drawing, making collages, and using watercolors to paint, children learn about shape, color, and texture. They are practicing making decisions about what to make and what materials they will use. Those fine motor skills are enhanced by cutting with scissors, holding a crayon, or sculpting with clay. When children observe what their friends are creating, they are learning to appreciate the artwork of others.   

New vocabulary words are introduced when children talk about their work with adults. We use phrases like, “Tell me about your picture.” Preschool-aged children often create things that are symbolic of something else; for example, something they have just built in the block center or a butterfly they just observed outside. The practice of using symbols will become important when they are learning to read. Art can also enhance science concepts when colors are mixed or how adding paint to water can create changes.  

Creating art in any form helps children develop their imaginations and practice many skills for learning. At the Preschool, our goal is to give children the confidence to express themselves through art and to feel a part of a creative community of learners whenever they create something new.  

New Year, New Book Drive
Thank you so much for donating new books to our classrooms through the New Year, New Book Drive. Our classroom books endure heavy use and handling, so restocking our shelves with new titles is something we work on each year. This was the most successful book drive we’ve had yet in the Preschool! Thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Greg Rash for donning the Santa suit for our holiday sing-along! He is the husband of Kim Rash, our fabulous Lower School music teacher.